Take Care of Your Acura & Kiss Winter Goodbye During National Car Care Month

April 7th, 2015 by

SnowWinters can be tough in the great Garden State. This year saw a bit of snow, which means there’s probably pesky salt and post-winter grime all over your car. With the warm weather rolling around and with National Car Care Month upon us, it’s the perfect time to shake the winter blues out of your vehicle.

At Acura of Denville, our NJ Acura dealer, we recommend starting your car’s spring-cleaning off right with a trip to the car wash. During the winter, road salt gets splashed all over the exterior of your vehicle and tracked into the interior on the soles of your shoes. Salt can lead to rust, so it’s important to give your vehicle a good scrub. When it snows, it’s only a winter wonderland for so long before the snow turns to slush and starts to mix with the dirt and other debris on the roads; this slushy mixture gets tracked into your vehicle by your shoes and can leave your vehicle’s interior looking dingy. While you’re at the car wash, make sure to get your interior rugs shampooed!

Cold weather not only messes with tire pressure, but also alignment. Potholes left behind by snowplows don’t do your vehicle’s tire alignment any favors. Check the pressure in your tires compared with the recommended tires pressure in your owner’s manual; fill the tires as needed. Next, be sure to bring your vehicle in to the service department at our dealership for a tire alignment. Improper alignment can cause uneven wear and cause you to have to replace the tires on your car more frequently – which can be expensive.

Springtime Tips For NJ Acura Owners

AcuraNow, thanks to our exclusive Autosport Advantage Rewards Program, you can reap great benefits while you get your car back in shape after the trying New Jersey winter. Our Autosport Advantage Rewards Program is a points-based system that allows NJ Acura owners to save money on service, as well as new and used vehicles! Customers can cash in their points at any time.

How do you earn points? You can earn 1,000 points just for liking us on Facebook and filling out a quick survey. Leave a Google+ review and you’ll earn 500 points. Refer a friend to Acura of Denville and you’ll earn 1,000 points. Plus, you’ll receive a free car wash and 500 points on your birthday!

For more information about taking care of your car during National Car Care Month or to schedule a service appointment with us, contact our Acura dealership in NJ at (888) 839-0190.


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