New Jersey Acura Drivers Keep Their Climate Controlled

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As we enter the depths of summer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep cool on the go. Oppressive heat isn’t just uncomfortable- it can pose a danger to you and your passengers. At our New Jersey Acura dealer, we want to make sure you stay cool and cozy in your luxurious vehicle.

When Your Vehicle is Full of Hot Air

When many people hunt for a parking space, they’re looking for the closest one. In the summer, you should be looking for the most shaded one, and then buy a sunshade for your windshield. High-quality sunshades, such as those available through the accessories store of our Acura dealer in New Jersey, keep your car cooler and also block UV rays, which can damage leather upholstery and fade the interior. When you return to your vehicle, open the doors for a few minutes to let some of the hot air escape.


Cool Practically

It may be tempting to pop open all the vents and blast your air conditioning when you get in your car, but try to avoid the temptation. A good way to get rid of the hot air sitting in your vehicle is to crack your windows, close the top vents, turn the fan setting as high as it will go, and let the bottom vents disperse the hot air from the bottom and out of the car.

As you drive, keep the cold air coming until your car reaches a livable temperature. Once you’re more comfortable, switch to the recirculation setting to keep the moderate air flowing through the vehicle.

If you’re not sure if your Acura’s climate control system can take the heat, our service department will be happy to take a look! Visit us at our New Jersey Acura dealership and talk to our knowledgeable service team about your concerns.

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