Helpful Tips To Keep From Wandering Aimlessly In Crowded Parking Lots

December 2nd, 2014 by

Car LotWe’ve all been there – not being able to find your car once you make it back out to the parking lot – the feeling of panic that sets in. Finding your car in a crowded parking lot can be especially tough during the holiday season. With everyone trying to get their holiday shopping done, mall parking lots tend to fill up.

Think of the Bridgewater Mall, for example. Those parking lots are usually crowded on a normal day, but they’re especially jam-packed when the holidays roll around. So, how can you avoid wandering around aimlessly after you walk out of the mall doors? At Acura of Denville, we’ve come up with a few tips to help!

Park Near An Identifying Landmark

As you choose a parking spot, look around for an identifying landmark – like a sign or building. Ideally, you should choose something that can be seen from far away so that it’s easy to spot later on.

Take A Photo

Nowadays, the majority of people have smartphones with camera on them. Why not use your phone’s camera to take a snap of your parking location? What better and easier way is there to help you find your car when it comes time to leave?

Get An App

Another great way to use the fantastic technology that you already have in your pocket is to download an app. Visit your app store and you’ll find dozens of available apps that work with Bluetooth technology and GPS to automatically store the position of your car. Thanks to the app, you won’t have to remember where you left your car; your smartphone will do that for you!

Use Your Panic Button

keys People tend to leave their panic buttons as a last resort. The blaring horns and flashing lights tend to draw attention – and it’s already embarrassing enough being unable to find your vehicle. But, if all else fails, the panic button is a sure-fire way to get to your car – as long as you’re in close range, that is. If you remember the general area that you parked in, press away!

Thanks to these tips, you can walk through those mall doors with the confidence of knowing your car will be right where you left it when you come out! For more information, visit Acura of Denville or give us a call at (888) 839-0190.

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