Cosmetics, Crayons, and Soda Cans, oh my! What Not To Leave In Your Car This Summer

July 19th, 2015 by


With summer come the warnings from seemingly every news outlet on the planet: don’t leave your kids, pets, or passengers in hot cars. But sentient beings aren’t the only things jeopardized by a really hot car caught in the heat and humidity of a New Jersey summer. In fact, there are some everyday objects that you may keep in your vehicle all the time that may react adversely to heat. Don’t forget to check your car for these before you head off into a hot summer day (after, of course, you’ve taken some of our advice on how to keep your car cooler).

  • Lipstick. Finally found your favorite shade? Then keep it on hand. It could melt very quickly in the heat- and after that, it’s never quite the same.
  • Cans of soda. Extreme temperatures are not great for carbonated drinks- neither freezing cold nor blazing heat are particularly kind to them. Take them out to avoid the generally unpleasant experience of coming back to a car interior soaked in soda.
  • Plastics. It’s so hot outside and it’s a pretty big relief when you remember the bottled water you left in your car two weeks ago- except since plastics melt and break down at high temperatures, it’s possible the chemicals from the bottle have made it into the water. Toss it, and keep any other plastics out of your car to prevent the same from happening to them!
  • Crayons. Who doesn’t want a multicolored, waxy, but aesthetically artistic mess inside your car? You. Melted crayon may look cool on canvas, but it’s less great when it’s smeared around your seats.
  • Kids. Seriously, don’t leave your kids in the car.


As fun as a proper Garden State summer is, it can be trying on your vehicle and what’s inside it. When it comes to your possessions, it’s always smart to take the “better safe than sorry” approach. Our staff at Acura of Denville can help you keep your car in great shape throughout the summer and beyond, so give us a call at (888) 839-0190 with any questions for your favorite Acura vehicle!

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