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Acura TLX Interior

Acura vehicles are state-of-the-art automobiles, a pinnacle of engineering achievement, and as such, many drivers have questions about them. While the AcuraLink Next Generation system can sync up your smartphone and vehicle, and your owner’s manual covers quite a few aspects of your Acura, we have some frequently asked questions about Acura vehicles, particularly maintenance and care, to answer.

Acura Maintenance Questions

  • What is my Acura’s break-in period? For the future reliability and performance of your vehicle, you should pay extra attention to how you drive in the first 600 miles / 1,000 km. Avoid full-throttle starts or rapid accelerations whenever possible and avoid hard braking for at least the first 200 miles.
  • Can I have maintenance performed at any service center? We recommend using only Acura service centers for the maintenance and care of your vehicle, as many former dealership technicians who might “specialize” in a certain type of vehicle are behind on training. If you do service your vehicle at a non-Acura center, we recommend keeping your receipts and having the technician fill out a maintenance record.
  • My Malfunction Indicator Light is on while I’m driving. Not quite a question, but if this light is on for longer than it takes to start your vehicle, something could be wrong. Check the fuel cap to ensure it’s tightened (it may not turn the light off immediately). If the light stays on after three driving trips, you should visit a service center as soon as possible.
  • Should I use snow tires for improved winter performance? For the majority of Acura vehicles, snow tires are recommended to improve performance during icy or snowy conditions – check your owner’s manual for specifics.

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to our service center or log on to Acura’s owner’s portal.

Contact Autosport Acura of Denville

We could write a book on the frequently asked questions we get at Autosport Acura of Denville, and we’ve just touched on 4 of them for you here. They are important questions, but if you have any you need answered, don’t hesitate to contact Autosport Acura of Denville today. We’re here to serve drivers from all over Morris County.

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